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July 16, 2013
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2P! England x Reader
Cupcake anyone? Pt. 2

You groggily wake up and sit up in the sift bed. Your head was pounding and you could barely remember what happened last night. The cutie Oliver…Chocolate cupcake…colors…then blackness. Rubbing your temples your senses start waking up. You smell something refreshing. Getting out of bed you notice your wearing someone else shirt that was too large for you as it fell over your shoulder and your underwear. Did she sleep with Oliver or did she alien abduction thingy happen? Well whatever it was you wanted to find out what smelled so…refreshing and crisp. Walking through, what looks like a house, you come across a red door.

“Okay, that’s totally not strange…not strange at all…”

You open the door to blinding sunlight. As your eyes adjust you stare dumbfounded at the sight before. There was a large remote beach in front you.


Last time you checked you lived in Birmingham, most landlocked city in England. The only time you’ve ever seen the ocean in person was when you visited Alfred in San Francisco.

“Ahhh I see you’re awake, Poppet.”

You turn your head sharply to see Oliver below on the beach wearing a pair of pink swimming trunks with blue cupcakes on them.

“Where the Hell am I? I’m preeeeetty sure we were in England last time I checked.”

Oh God he was so adorable in that nerdy ((gay XD )) swimsuit. You still weren’t sure what happened last night or whenever it was. But you knew Oliver was behind this…Oliver smirked and tossed up a beach ball to which you caught.

“We are in Hawaii, visiting my vacation home, love.”

“Hawaii! What the hell? How long was I out!” ((I lived in Hawaii once upon a time and it took 4 days and 4 plane rides to get from Hawaii to Kentucky. England is much farther than Kentucky.))
“You were asleep for a week. I put too much of my sleep potion into the icing. It was only supposed to keep you out for a few hours.”

“Then why am I not hungry…or thirsty?”

“Magic my dear.”

Now that you thought about it Oliver looked like Arthur. Was Oliver an Alternate Country? You didn’t really know much about Alternate Countries. People said they were Evil, but Oliver.Was.Just.So.Cute! I mean ya he sorta drugged her and dragged you away from your friends and family. Which was technically kidnapping, though, you didn’t mind. You started tossing the beach ball in the air and catching it as you talked to Oliver.

“So why drug me? I would have come with you anyway…and pay for my own plane tickets.”

“Glad you aren’t mad. Though I think you would have looked cute angry.”

He gave a genuinely cute smile ((Meaning it wasn’t creepy)) and you blush deeply hitting the beach ball to the right as a gust of wind blows it farther ((Lol talk about convenient XD ))

“I-I Uhh I’ll go get that!”

Oliver giggles and you up jump off the small Terrance ((Cuz Reader-Chan is a super bad ass ninja XD )) and land on your feet. But before you could run over to the beach ball, which was lazily flying away, Oliver glomped you.

“Come back soon~ I’ll be cooking something for you Poppet.”

You blush heavily and nod. When he lets go of you rush after the beach ball which is now a speck in the horizon ((But like I said Reader-Chan a Bad ass Ninja so she run soups fast)) Oliver tilted his head and smile at her. ((This one being creepy, so creepy I couldn’t describe how creepy it is!))

~~~~~~~~~Location skip brought to you by 2P! Italy ((He so hawt >.< ))~~~~~~~~~

You ran as fast as you could and finally caught up with the brightly colored beach ball. You had run a long ways seeing as you couldn’t even see Oliver’s house any more.

“Damn wind! I wanna spend more time with Oliver!” You complain to no one in particular.

You started walking back following your foot prints when you heard rustling in the very tall bushes. And went over to inspect it... ((Because that’s the smart thing to do)) She was about a foot away when America or at least you think America, came out. ((Lol IDK I just want a bunch of 2p! countries ^^ )) You took a huge step back because he looked a lot different then you remember. He had Dark brown hair with a red shine; he was wearing Sunglasses though you could see his red eyes. He was carrying a bat with nails sticking out. His swimsuit was plain black trunks with a large red star on the right side. You stared at him, maybe it was just someone that was similar to America…He looked at you and smirked.

“So Oliver is finally here. Who the fuck are you?”

You open your mouth, but he was really intimidating, you notice that he did have blood smeared on his chest. You didn’t wanna seem like a wimp in front of this mystery person though.

“Who the fuck are you?” ((Best comeback ever!))

“Fred, now.Who.Are.You?” Fred leaned in closer and you blushed a bit.


“You came with Oliver right *name*?”

“Yea wh-ahhh What the Hell!”

Fred had picked up you and slung you over his shoulder to where you were looking at the sea while he was facing the forest ((To put it bluntly *and a bit pervy* your ass was next to his face, lol ))

“Taking you, Oliver hasn’t shown up yet, if you’re missing then he’ll come looking.”
Fred started walking through the forest along a faint path. You were blushing a bit. And tried to wiggle free, but he was incredibly strong, he was only holding you with one arm.

“Let me, I can walk!”

“Nah I have a better view from here, nice panties by the way. ~” ((lol had to cuz if you remember Reader-Chan is only wearing a large shirt, her bra, and undies ^^ ))

Your face turns completely red and you get too embarrassed to find a good comeback. Fred snickered a bit and you huff. After a few minutes the path opens to a sandy area surrounded by tropical trees. There is a large house, practically mansion in the middle of the clearing.

“Yo guys! I found Oliver’s Girlfriend!”

“I-I’m not his-”

Fred threw you down on the sand and snickered seeing your pissed look. A group of people came out and you stood up brushing the sand off you. They look similar to a lot of your country friends. You see China, Russia, Germany, Italy, Japan, etc. Shit maybe Alternate countries do exist!

“Damn what is it with you people and kidnapping?”

“Is she a new country, aru?”

“France, do you think she’s an Alternate?”

“Russia, I don’t care.” France says smoking a cigar

“’Bout Time you come back Fred! How come you didn’t bring back Oliver-?”


You screamed. There was too much talking and noise at once and you had to figure things out. There was an odd silence and practically all the Alternates had surprised looks on their faces. You rub your temples irritated.

“Just tell what the hell is going on? I was here with Oliver then this stupid ass just up and kidnaps me. And now there is a group of Alternate countries in front of me.”

The silence was broken by Italy, who chuckled a bit creepily ((Shit that’s an Understatement!)).

“Sorry about that, Bella. This small island is owned by the Alternates. It’s called Alternate Island. It’s a regular vacation and Oliver was supposed to be here 3 days ago, but see he has a girlfriend I under-“

“I-I’m not his girlfriend!” You protest loudly.

Ya you liked him, but it was a bit embarrassing to be considered his girlfriend when you knew nothing about him.

“Fine, fine. Well, Oliver will probably be looking for you, so he’ll come soon.”

“Ya whatever.”

You found these alternates annoying. The group started to go back to what they were doing before she arrived. Not sure what to do you walk around the edge of the clearing looking at the flowers. You were behind the house looking at a rather large blue and pink flower when someone grabs you from behind, covering your mouth and then pushes you to the wall

“YHA FUGH!”  ((Translation: The fuck!))

Italy was staring into your /color/ eyes with a smirk on his face.

“Ciao Bella, how are you?”

You throw him a pissed look and he snickered.

“You are very interesting~ and I want you. And I take what I want, whether you like it or not~”

What was it with these Alternate countries? I mean seriously? He removed his and leaned dangerously close to your face. You blushed a bit. Okay a lot. You turned even more red as he ran his hand along your leg. You try to push him off, but to no avail. Why were all the Alternates super human? He smirked again and then kissed you passionately. He tasted like blood, did he drink the stuff? You close your eyes. Nuuuuu you want Oliver not this freaking Italian!

---To Be continued!---

Cliffhanger cuz I just luuuuuuuve being Evil Bwhahahahahahaha

Why an island? Well, all 3 of my Hetalia Ocs are islands...My cousins are moving to Hawaii...and Islands have been on my mind lately...oh ya and it's funny ^^

So I know it's a dark read but I wanted to something funny, I made it scary and sexy at the end though so it fine ^^

Ya I know you cuss a lot in this part..also there is a shit ton of author comments...

You have no clue how hard it was to wait to write the second part, but I did it ^^

Tnx :iconhetalia-england: for the idea of other 2p! Characters ^^ I like it ^^

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The Amazing Picture belongs to the Amazing :iconpatychan:
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