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August 8, 2013
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2p England By Patychan-d62qikv by The-Adorkable-Nerd

READ: Lol it's been forever sowwy v-v Alright enough Fluffy-ness! This is 2P here! So I listened to this song while was on repeat..I like know the lyrics by heart...I suggest you listen to it ^^

2P! England x Reader

Cupcake anyone? Pt. 3

You found these alternates annoying. The group started to go back to what they were doing before she arrived. Not sure what to do you walk around the edge of the clearing looking at the flowers. You were behind the house looking at a rather large blue and pink flower when someone grabs you from behind, covering your mouth and then pushes you to the wall

“YHA FUGH!”  ((Translation: The fuck!))

Italy was staring into your /color/ eyes with a smirk on his face.

“Ciao Bella, how are you?”

You throw him a pissed look and he snickered.

“You are very interesting~ and I want you. And I take what I want, whether you like it or not~”

What was it with these Alternate countries? I mean seriously? He removed his and leaned dangerously close to your face. You blushed a bit. Okay a lot. You turned even redder as he ran his hand along your leg. You try to push him off, but to no avail. Why were the entire Alternates super human? He smirked again and then kissed you passionately. He tasted like blood, did he drink the stuff? You close your eyes. Nuuuuu you want Oliver not this freaking Italian!


~~~~~ Location Skip brought to you by :iconyay2penglandplz: ~~~~~

Oliver’s Pov (All of this is happening during 2P! America kidnapping you to 2P!Italy kissing you))
Sharpening my knife I look out the window for the hundredth time. Where was *Name*? I had told her to come back soon. When she does come back I’ll have to punish her. I grin sharpening the knife again; if she wanted to be with me she’d have to learn quickly otherwise she might die. Setting down the knife I take out the tray of perfectly cooked chocolate cupcakes ((I.HATE.CHOCOLATE.)) Suddenly I hear those damn voices.

“Ollllllllllliiiiiiiiveeeeeeeeer~ I have a Secret~ and I’m not telling you~”

This was Catherine Pierce. Her voice was deep and seductive. She was a backstabber. She had surprised me so I dropped the tray into the floor and my beautiful cupcakes smashed into the floor ((Muhahahahahaha Fuck you cupcakes!)) Then I heard the High pitch voice of her Sister Allison Pierce. She was extremely unpleasant. She murdered her sister over a Simple Secret and then later was hung. They weren’t exactly ghosts…no medium can summon them or see them…Jason ((2P! America…just found out his preferred name ^^; )) said they were my imaginary friends.

“Catherine! I told you not to say anything!”

Catherine had long Brown hair that reached her waist. She had pale skin and deep red eyes. Her body was curvy and she wore a white summer dress…She would have been considered beautiful…if her head wasn’t nearly decapitated hanging just barely by a piece of skin. Allison had short Red hair with sun kissed skin and many freckles on her face. Her Green eyes were as dark as a forest and had a few speck of red in them. She wore a pink sun dress…but this one was stained with blood, her arms had several long cuts and her neck had a bright red rope burn. Didn’t like them very much…Allison’s way of killing was much too messy and sloppy and Catherine was extremely annoying. Though they never leave me, I’ve had them since I was five years old. ((In case you’re wondering, this is my explanation on why Oliver is insane ^^))

“Allison I don’t have to listen to you!”

“Remember the last time you didn’t listen to me!”

“What’cha gonna do now?”

“Ladies~ I’m afraid you’re going to have to leave. Once [Name] gets back I have to punish her for being out too long. And I’d rather it be a private matter~”

Oliver grinned and clean up the messed up cupcakes. He heard Catherine snicker as well as Allison. He shot them a smile so sweet it would make anyone sick.

“What’s the secret?”

“We’re not telling~”

They chanted over and over together. Suddenly Oliver’s eyes grew dark and an evil aura surrounded them. They may be imaginary but he could punish them greatly. They squeaked and cowered behind the counter. Catherine put her head on right and walked over to me. I smiled sweetly again but my eyes and aura still dark.

“W-We saw Jason take this girl with [h/l] [h/c] hair to the spot with the others. When we saw that we came you…” ((The actually aren’t Imaginary friends, they are real but they needed a source of energy, so they ‘attached’ to a young boy, not knowing how it would affect him or how powerful he would get. Now they can’t actually ever leave him. They are forever bound to him even after death))

My Smile turned into a scowl and my eyes got darker. Catherine squeaked and tried to get away. But I grabbed my knife and threw it at her. It hit her right in the chest with so much force that she was thrown back into the wall and the knife also lodged into the wall. My imaginary friends can’t die, but they could feel. Catherine screamed in pain and I saw Allison make a run for it. I just smile and press a hidden button on the counter. As she got halfway through the door large spikes impaled her, her scream was so beautiful and I shivered at how good it felt to cause pain. Catherine whimpered as I walked up to her and fixed her head and leaned in close.

“You should have told me right away Poppet~ this isn’t even punishment, this is because I’m annoyed~ I’ll be back for your punishment, till then you can just hang there.”

I push the hidden button again and the spikes disappear and Allison falls to the floor shaking in pain. I grin and as I leave a kick her in her stomach. They didn’t have blood, I was glad about that, seeing blood unless it was from somebody I hate or it was for my cupcakes made me feel disgusted. It was just too messy. I walk into my room and garb several kitchen knives and change into my usual attire. Hopefully I won’t have to kill too many of my friends…just as long as they didn’t do anything to my little Poppet. She was mine and Mine alone…

~~ Location skip brought to you by :iconsexy2pitalyplz: ~~ (So now were back to where we ended x3)

1st Pov

There wasn’t much I could do. I didn’t like this kiss at all, it was rough and for this idiot’s pleasure…when he finally broke for air we were both panting. I felt little tears in the corner of my eyes and I heard him snicker. I shot him a death Glare and she took the opportunity to kiss me again. Though again I tried to push him off. I felt him smirk and he let go.

“The name’s-a Luciano, what’s-a yours?”

Glaring at him again I push him off me. Seeing as it was pretty easy, meant he let me go, which just made me angrier.

“[Name]…and Fuck off, what makes you think that I want you to own me?”

I start walking away but suddenly I felt a small sharp pain on the front of my throat. Slowly I put a hand where the pain was and there was blood and a very sharp knife. Then a very low hoarse whisper was next to my ear.

“Because bella~ I can kill you if I want to~”


I was cut off by commotion from the front of the house. Luciano also surprised moved his knife away and we walked to the edge and looked on to the front yard, just as I saw Oliver thrust a Knife into Jason’s arm. He looked around and spotted me. He had a dark look in his eyes and a sickly sweet smile. Luciano seemed to back up.

“Oh there you are Poppet~”

~~ Backwards Time skip? A few Minutes before Oliver stabs his Brother xD ~~

Oliver’s Pov

I walk along the worn path whistling ((Too the beat of Secret by the Pierces xD)) and throwing my knife in the air the catching it as it falls. My dark aura has now disappeared, even the darkness around my eyes. I smirked thinking about how I would punish [Name]. Ya sure it’s not her fault Jason took her but I had told her to comeback soon and she didn’t. So I got the pleasure of punishing her. I decided I might forgive Jason and not punish him…he hasn’t done anything to my Poppet. I was getting close to the house when I heard snickering.

“Man, Luciano is going to get some if he keeps doing that. That chick is so…Kuro what’s the word?”

“Tsundere Jason-san…Maybe I could watch and draw it and turn it into a Hentai…that would be very interesting.”

“Man, your fucked Kuro.”

“What ev-”

“Excuse me Gents. Who are you talking about?”

I walk to the end which was only a few feet away to see Kuro and Jason sitting around the edge of the jungle. Jason was leaning against a tree with his bat in his lap. Kuro was lying on the ground holding up a Manga with a naked girl on the front. Kuro put down his book and both Jason and he looked at me. I could see them flinch as they saw my sickly sweet smile.

“The chick that came with you…Luciano’s messing with her…she said she wasn’t your girlfriend…”

Jason was slowly getting up and Kuro was already gone. I took a step towards him and again he flinched. I twirled my knife in my hand and cocked my head to the right. True [Name] wasn’t my girlfriend…she was more of a pet. A dark aura surrounded me and Jason started running. Why they did this I don’t know. I threw the knife at his right calf and it sunk into it Jason yelled in pain and went down. I threw another knife at Nikolai who was coming out to see the commotion. He managed to doge the kill shot but it still hit him in the arm.

“That was my Poppet you wankers~ Time for punishment!”

As more came out I threw more knives at them. The must have been training from the last time I did this because I didn’t get one kill shot. I walked over to Jason and picked him up by his red-brown hair. He winced and I smirked. Twirling a knife in my other hand I stabbed his left arm. Then I grabbed another knife.

“This is what you get my Brother~ [Name] is my Poppet and you brought her here~”

He stabbed his other arm before hearing something. I look up to see [Name] and Luciano. I said hello and Luciano tried to escape

~~ Um current time? ~~

Oliver’s Pov

I threw my last knife at Luciano, who was running away; it got the back of his right shoulder. He squeaked and fell. I walk over to give [Name] a hug but then I see her injury and the fury rose in me. How dare that Bastard hurt her, when I was the only one allowed to!


“Yes Poppet?”


I blinked in surprise…I expected her to freak out, be disgusted, or faint…but she acted as if me nearly killing everyone here was as normal as breathing…I let a large Cheshire Cat smile appear on my face and I hugged her. Though I smirked behind her, her attitude was going to make punishing her much more fun.

1st Person Pov

I had saw Oliver attack Jason and saw what he had done to the others…and surprisingly it didn’t scare me…I found myself yearning to had seen the whole thing from the beginning…and even wanting to do what he did…When he let go of me I noticed the blood that had been on him stained his/my shirt…I still had that taste of blood in my mouth and I actually found it pretty delicious…

“Hey… [Name]…”

“Yes Ollie?”

Oliver purred at the nickname she had given him. He didn’t like nicknames much…but he’d let [Name] call him anything…though if anyone else called him that he’d kill them.

“Let’s go back…”

~~ Mini Location and Time Skip brought to you by :iconblooddeathplz: ~~

1st Person Pov

“Then the bastard had cut my neck slightly. Scared me to death…”

“Oh, I can imagine Little Poppet.”

I was walking back with Oliver…though the dark shadow around his eyes hadn’t gone away and it scared me a little. He had also taken one of his bloodied knives out of Jason’s leg and was twirling it in his right hand, while his left arm was tightly around my waist…not that I was complaining. We had finally gotten back into the house and I walked into the kitchen and froze. There was a rather freaky looking lady staked to the wall with a large knife in her chest. She wasn’t moving…Oliver came over and shot me a confused look.

“Little Poppet are you scared of the Knife in the wall?”

“You don’t see the dead chick with a nearly decapitated head?!”

Suddenly the girl opened her eyes and stared straight at me with blood red yes. I yelped and hid behind Oliver.

“Y-You can see them?”

“You can see us?”


“Ya, us. Hey Oliver you didn’t have to kick me...”

A girl that looked less freaky but had large cuts along her arm and legs came from the other room. Oliver smiled sweetly and I backed away. Before anyone could react he grabbed the girl’s wrist and pulled her to the floor stabbing the knife in her back. I screamed and so did she.

“God fucking damn it Oliver!”

“Punishment my dear~ Plus I’m rather upset that my Little Poppet was violated by Luciano.”

The girls groaned and I stared at them dumbfounded.

“C-Can I know what’s going on?”

“These are my imaginary friends…The one on the wall is Catherine and this one is Allison. I take my anger out on them. They can’t die, but they feel pain…though I’m surprised you can see them Poppet!”

“Well I had a lot of Imaginary friends when I was younger…more than usual and I kept them for a very long time…”

Oliver smiled darkly and stood up and yanked the knife out of Catherine chest. She fell to the ground holding her chest. Oliver then grabbed my wrist and took me into the there could be a basement in a beach house was beyond my understanding. But before the door closed I hear Catherine and Allison mutter things…

“Poor girl…”

“I think he might kill her…”

“No he ‘loves’ her to much…though it will be agonizingly painful…”

“She could die from lack of will power…”

“No she can see us so she must be In-”

They were cut off my Oliver slamming the door. He turned on the lights…though instead of white light it was red…though I found it rather soothing.

“Ollie, what are we doing here?”

“Simple [Name]…punishment~”

Muhahahahaha Cliff Hanger Number 2!
It's finally here! Sorry for the wait ^^ So the reason the other 2P!'s 'fear' Oliver is because he's the well...the black sheep **Lol England joke** The 2P!s may be blood thirsty but all of them are sane minus Oliver. So he's a bit unstable...

Also Allison and Catherine are made up creatures by me...if you guys want I'll draw them and post the picture with the next chapter ^^

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