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-Germany-and-Prussia-hetalia-siblings-33387700 by The-Adorkable-Nerd

The Brothers Series: GermanyxCountry!ReaderxPrussia

The Girl who loves Potatoes

Read: Why did I make such a Ridiculous story? There is just one simple answer to the; I.FUCKING.LOVE.POTATOES! So this is a bit of a personal xReader ;D And instead of Badass and Such Reader-Chan will be more like me xD but Enjoy this is a hilarious Story ^^ Also I’ll be doing the brother’s series; Canada/America, France/England, etc xD And there will be Alternate Endings for all dem. Also you are a Country and I’m picking your Country Name because I’m Evil Muhahahaha.  Your name will still be [Name].

You are [C/n] a new country that has been growing incredibly famous. It is famous for its large number of Well-educated people, their famous chefs, and your violent sports; wresting, Hockey, Rugby, etc. Your economy is Booming. Your national Language is Russian *You were once part of Russia, but you have an American accent* and you climate is sunny, tropical, and a great Vacation spot. You also have many natural resources, though you aren't doing too well with gaining Allies. I just really wanted to make up a country :iconshaplz:

3rd Person Pov


“Kesese! Come on France, Spain Run!”

“I’m running faster you know?”

“Si, but that’s because your use to running naked, France!”


Prussia, France and Spain ran through a city in Switzerland butt naked and laughing. They had dared each other to streak around the city together…only now the police were after them and Switzerland was shooting at them.

“Get your Filth asses off my Property!!!!”

“France! Spain! I zink Switzerland iz Mad!”

“Si I think so too!”

“You’ll never live long if you’re always angry, Vash~”

“Shut up, you Stupid French!”

Basch, along with several police officers took out their guns and started shooting. The BTT just laughed and ran faster.  The street started splitting into a three way. The BTT grinned at each other and split up. Going into a more residential area, you could hear several screams; fangirl, horror, and such.

“Damn Idiots! Men split into two groups and go after Spain and France! The fucking Prussian is mine!”

Switzerland said before running down the street Prussia went down.

~~ Location skip brought to you by :iconyaygilbirdplz: ~~

Prussian was laughing he couldn’t even see Basch He must have lost him Gilbert looked around, it was one of those more remote places.

“Ha! I guezz the ztupid Swiss couldn’t handle zee awezome me! Come on Gilbird letz go find Francis and Toni.”

A small yellow bird chirped in agreement and the Prussian started running faster.  He wanted to rub it in his friends’ faces that he got there first. Suddenly he sprinted past a girl carrying a large sack of potatoes. She had seen him rush by and blushed a deep red and just stood there. Gilbert stopped and ran back much to the red faced girl’s displeasure.

“Hey frau~ Hov are you?”

The girl had long [h/c] locks that were tied in a low loose ponytail and she had a pair of half glasses. She wore a half sleeved White blouse *The blouse stopped around the elbows with a small amount of fabric folded back and held together with a button* with the first three buttons undone showing a nice amount of cleavage and a Pair of Black Jazz pants with Black flats. Her [e/c] eyes popped out with her face being all red. She gave a squeak and turned away.

“You fucking idiot put some clothes on!”

“But I didn’t bring any closez viz zee awezome me!”

“T-Then just cover up with this!”

She handed him a long coat that was folded in half. She had been holding it in her hand out of his view. Gilbert took it and put it on. The girl was pretty and he wanted to talk with her.

“I’m drezzed now frau~”

“Ty vresh'?”

It was Russian he understood a bit of it.

“No I’m not lying.”

She turned around a trace of pink hue on her cheeks. She sets down her large bag of potatoes and smiles at Gilbert.

“Good, now why were you…naked?”

Gilbert smiled and Gilbird chirped happily.

“I vaz runnink srough town viz mein friendz! It vaz a dare. Cuz zee avezome me is alwayz up to zee challenge!”

“Yay…but you do know that Switzerland is trigger happy right?”

“Ja! That’z vhat makez it fun!”

“So who are you?”

Gilbert smirked and sparkles appeared out of nowhere.

“I am Zee avezome Prussia!”

The girl thought for a minute and her [e/c] eyes brightened.

“That’s right I've heard of you!”


Gilbert’s eyes were huge and the sparkle count increased.

“Ya! I thought you were like Russia’s brother or something at first.”

She picked up one of the potatoes and brushed a little dust off and took a bite of it…raw *I do that allllll the time xD* Gilbert meanwhile was on the floor…from shock *You know when an anime character suddenly hears something they don’t like and they fall on their face…*

“VHAT!!!!!! VHY VOULD YOU ZINK THAT! Also…vhy vould you eat Potatoez raw…”

Gilbert thought only Germans *cough and Prussians cough* could stomach eating raw potatoes.

“Well think about it, Prussia is just Russia with a P in front of it. And I love Potatoes, raw or otherwise.”

*Don’t actually eat potatoes raw though…theirs is a LOT of starch, you have to rinse out of them after you cut them…it not healthy v-v but I do it anyway :icondoctorfacepalmplz: * Gilbert started to whine, though he was curious about her. He loved Potatoes too…The girl laughed and they talked some more before there was gunfire.

“Chto, chert voz'mi!”

“Damn it Switzerland found me!”

“Get back here you Prussian!”

“Bye Frau!”

He started running away Switzerland close behind him with an endless amount of bullets. Gilbert had met up with his friends and the continued running. It wasn't until later he realized he never asked the girl her name.

~~ Time Skip brought to you by :iconyaygermanyplz: P.s. same day just at night ~~


“Gilbet, zeriouzly?” Complained Germany who was holding a cell phone in his right hand and a mug of beer in his left
“Ja! The Avezome me totally got arrezted…viz France and Spain too! I mean vee vere juzt streakink! Italy doez it all see time and he nefer gets arrezted! Zey von’t lizten to me…zo can you come get uz?”

“I villl…tomorrow, before zee world meeting, It’s mein day off tonight and I don’t vant to deal viz your ztupidity!”

“But Bruder I-”

Germany shut the phone and turned it off and sighed.

“Idiot Bruder…”

He finished his mug and ordered another one, this week had been extremely stressful; Italy being an idiot and getting him and Japan captured, His brother being an idiot every single day, and the usual that came with his everyday life. He traced the rim of the mug with his finger and looked around absent mindedly. He was drunk, because he’d never act like this sober. Humming the rhythm to the song playing in the bar he took another large drink of his beer. Then his eyes stopped at a girl with long [h/c] hair that that was tied in a rather strange style; two small ponytails on the side of her head with the rest of her hair down ((like Misa from Death note)). She turned to talk to someone, her [e/c] eyes sparkling with Joy and happiness. She looked oddly familiar…She wore a Black tank top with a [favorite band] Logo on it and a pair of silver skinny jeans ((Those actually exist xD I had like 3 pairs, they are awesome ^^ )) with a pair of shiny black 3 inch heels and Half glasses that made her [e/c] eyes look bigger.

“Vhy doez zhe zeem zo familiar?”

He couldn't figure it out and tried to forget the girl and her Beautiful smile…but he couldn't he glanced back over and that other girl had left and she was sitting alone looking at her phone. Getting up Germany went over and sat next to her.

“Hello…[favorite band] iz a nice band…”

The girl giggled and smiled before setting her elbow on the table on resting her head on her hands. Her smile was so dazzling. She had a small rosy hint to her cheeks, a telltale sign she had been drinking.  She giggled again and Germany blushed, and he hoped she’d think it was from the beer.

“So who are you?”

“I am Ludvig…”

“Ludvig? That’s pretty funny”

“Ah...nien, It’s Ludvig…Um viz a-”

“Oh sorry I didn't know you were German! So Ludwig, that makes much more sense!”

She giggled and twirled a strand of her [h/c] hair. She hummed a bit and Germany closed his eyes listening to her Melodic voice. Suddenly she jumped her eyes wide and she made a gasping sound.

“Vhat? Vhat?”

“I’m golodnyy…and I vant more VODKA!”

Germany laughed at her silly German accent and he understood what she had said in Russian. Having him as an Enemy you had to know pretty much everything about him.

“Vell...I can pay for dinner-”

“But I dun wanna impose!”

She had a sorta teary look in her eyes and Germany shot her a confused look. She was acting a like a child…

“It’z fine-”

“No! I can pay…besides I eat like an Italian…”

Germany blinked…he knew how much Italy ate, which was a LOT. He laughed and put his hand on top of hers.

“Fine then at leazt let me pay for zee Vodka.”

“Ummm…I also drink like a Russian…”

She giggled and Germany laughed.

“Alright, alright I gife up…Vhat are you going to order?”


She had yelled so loud and suddenly that Germany fell off his stool the girl looked at him and giggled.


“It’z fine…You like Potatoez?”

“I LUUUUUUUUUVE them…Oh your German! So you must love Potatoes too!” *Please please please PLEASE don’t take offense to this stereotype! It’s just for laughs*

“Ja, Mein-”


Again Germany fell and she apologized again. They started talking, laughing and drinking…a LOT of Drinking. It was around Midnight that they left. Germany drunk off his Ass and the girl only tipsy, she was built like a Russian. They took different cabs and went home. At home Germany realized he forgot to ask the Girl her name…

~~ Time Skip Brought to you by :iconenglanddrunkplz: ~~

Germany groaned as he picked up Prussia, France, and Spain from Switzerland’s jail. They were such idiots and he had a HUGE hangover.

“Seriously Ludwig! It’s like your Older Brother is your Younger! Keep a leash on him next Time!

“Ja…I’m fery zorry, I’ll make zure it doezn’t happen again…”

Vash sighed and told the guards to let the BTT out.

“See you at the World meeting Germany.”

“Ja..zee ya…”

“Bruder! Your avezome to come and zafe uz! Though of course not az Avezome az me!”

Germany sighed his head was pounding, it was going to be a long day…

~~ Time Skip brought to you by :iconpmadgermanyplz: ~~

The countries gathered in the conference room. The meeting hadn’t started, but it would soon. Germany sat in his seat his head in his hands groaning. He had a killer headache…usually he never got that drunk, but that girl really could drink like a Russian and they had a drinking contest.

“And zen zat damn Vash comez runnink viz hiz gun after me und I ran before I could get her name! It zuckz zee awesome me forgettink zomethink like zat!”

“Ve~Don’t-a worry Gilbert! I’m sure you’ll-a see her again~”

Germany lifted his head to see his brother talking to everybody about a girl. He had told him the story on the way home…the girl sounded a lot like the girl he met at the bar, but he was in Germany and Prussian was in Switzerland, there’s no way someone could travel between those countries in one day…He checked his watch and stood up to tell the countries to quiet down. Suddenly the doors busted open and that girl was at the door, trying to catch her breath. Her long [h/c] hair tied in a loose low pony that was strewn over her shoulders. She wore a white undershirt and a black and white pinstripe over jacket that wasn’t button, a pair of black jazz pants and a pair of white flats. Her Half glasses in her hand was she slightly leaned on the door for support. Most of the countries glared angrily at her, some looked at her in confusion, as did Germany and Prussia, and a small amount of countries were happy to see her.

“A-am I late?”

“No Dudette your fine!”

America came over and they did a weird handshake involving fist pounding, slapping each others' hands and wiggling their fingers.


Germany coughed and everyone looked at him.

“Um who are you Miss…?”

“Oh! Lol, sorry a few of you don’t know me! I’m the country [C/n]! But ya’ll can call me [Name]!”

It suddenly hit Germany on why she looked so familiar; she was that new country that almost everybody hated for some reason. She had finally grown out of being a Micronation and was finally able to attend World meetings. Suddenly Gilbert glompped her making her fall to the floor.

“[Name]! [Name]! Do you remember zee avezome me!"

“How could I not? I saw you run right past me naked…Now get off!”

Gilbert helped [Name] up and Germany sat down a slight blush on his face. It couldn’t be her-


Everybody turned to Germany and he put his head in his hands and sighed. So it was the same girl.

“Bruder you met her too?”

“Ja Gilbert…can vee get on viz zee meetink?”

But everyone ignored him and all the attention was on [Name] *Because I’m an attention whore, so you are gonna be one too!*

“So Dudette I see you finally got out of Micronatin status!”

“Ve~ It’s been-a forever, bella!”

“Honhonhonhon so Mon amour, are you single?”

“Hey! Ztay avay! Zhe’z mein frau!”

“HEY! Who said I was your girl?! What if I’m Ludwig’s hmm?”


Both of the German *cough Prussian cough* brothers stood up and yelled that. The whole room went silent and [Name] laughed along with America. She laughed so hard tears came out. She and America high fived and she took a seat next to him.

“Ya prosto shuchu~ Now let’s get on with the meeting~”

There was a sudden waves of whispers a few were caught. Such as; that’s why I hate her! A female America, but worse! How can she be doing so well? That girl irks me. Germany’s face was bright red and Prussia’s had a bright blush on it. Germany’s head still hurt, but he had a meeting to run. He coughed loudly and the meeting started. Instead of him taking charge as usual, he let the other countries battle it out. His head hurt too much. He glanced over at [Name], Alfred her and were laughing their asses off as Britain and France fight…again. Did [Name] like America? What if she liked his stupid brother more? He was lost in thought when suddenly there was a hand waved in his face.

“Priveeeeeet~ Ludwig? Are you aliiiiiive?”

He snapped out of his trance and looked up to see [Name] and Gilbert.

“Hey! Vhy do you call him Luvig, but me Prussia!”

“Because you told me your name was Prussia-”

“Vell call me Gilbert from now on!”

“Ladno, ladno...”

“Oh [C/n], Vhat are you doink?”

“Call me [Name]! Meeting ended Ludwig, just thought I’d tell you nicely, your glupyy brother wanted to pour water on your head…Well. I have to go! Al is taking me to New York for a bit, Do svidaniya!”

Germany and Prussia both said bye and when she left they glared at her.

“Zo I guezz it vaz zee zame frau…”

“Ja, I guezz it vaz, Gilbert…I love her, Bruder!”

“Und zee Avezome me doez too!”

They glared at eat other before sighing.

“Ludvig let [Name] choze…and not be mad if…zhe choozez ZEE AWEZOME ME!”

“Agreed…Though I vill fight for her…”

They glared a bit more before heading out. But it also came across both of their minds that [Name] was with Alfred…and that she might love him…
EDIT: I might never finish this. I'm sorry...but I just lost the inspiration for this story. I never continued this because after writing this particular one, my life went to shit very quickly. It's better, but I want to try an avoid things connected with my life when it went to shit. I will keep it up for the viewers and if you want to write the rest of the story go ahead, just link me back ^^ terribly sorry for the inconveniences

OKAY! This is my first start of a new Series called the Brother Series. Where Brothers fall in love with Reader-Chan. They will all hav alternate endings...AND I'M SO SORRY! To all those peeps who asked for requests! I'm being a lazy Ass! So I'm going to complete 4 Requests, finish the next chapters for mein two other series, make the endings for this, AND then I had a brand new Idea while i'll do that when I'm done :icontableflipitplz:

Germany Ending: :iconmadgermanyplz:

Prussia Ending: :iconscaryprussiaplz:


Ty vresh' --- Are you lying
Chto, chert voz'mi --- What the hell!
golodnyy --- hungry
Khorosho --- Good!
ya prosto shuchu --- Just kidding
Ladno, ladno --- Fine,fine...
glupyy --- silly
Do svidaniya --- bye!
privet --- Hello
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