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Germany.full.280918 by The-Adorkable-Nerd



Cover Blown Pt. 4


You walk through several hallways you come to a long and slightly curved grand stair case leading to the second floor. There were many steps and walking down all of them would take too much time. You sit on the smooth wood railing and balance yourself to where your back if facing the stairs. Pushing off with your legs and speed down the railing. Your loose bun became undone and your hair blew around rapidly. You were just about to turn around to you could land when you back hit broad chest and strong arms wrapped around you. Before you could squeak in surprise one of the hands covered your mouth. Then you heard someone with a German accent whisper in your ear.

“So zis iz the little Biene, Ludvig vaz talkink about~”



You struggle against your captor’s strong grip. But he just tightened making it hard for you to breathe. Suddenly he picked you up and dropped you on the floor in front of him. Standing up, coughing slightly, you turn to run, but he caught your wrist and pulled you into his strong grip.

“L-Let go you German Filth…” You breathe out as again his grip on you squeezed the air out of you.

“But I’m Prussian, not German Biene~ so I don’t have to listen to you~”

He playfully bit the tip of your ear and you squirmed more. But it only resulted in a tighter grip and less air. You started to see black dots in your field of vision.

“C-Can’t breathe…let...g-go!”

“But Biene, if you’re relaxed I can carry you, that’s the easiest way to get you back to mein Bruder.”

He laughed a bit and rested his head on yours. Feeling light-headed you barely heard anything. Though that last part made it to your brain. Using all the strength you had left you pulled the dagger from your garter and stabbed the Prussian in the leg. Letting out a howl of pain the Prussian let go of you. Gasping for air, you use the wall for support. You look at the man you just wounded. He had Pale skin, Red eyes, and White hair. An…Albino…She remembered reading one of her Brother’s books about a once great country called Prussia. But it eventually faded away. So this was the Personification of Prussia…He was a bit unusual. After regaining you strength, you walk over and yank the dagger out of the Prussian’s leg. He gritted his teeth and shot you a glare that could kill you, that is if you were actually scared.

“Not so Awesome now are you?” 

You smirk seeing his surprised expression. You had done your research well. In the books practically all his quotes had to do with how awesome he was…You had studied so hard, just to show your brother how smart you were. Tears formed in the corner of your eyes and you wiped them off. You flipped Prussia off and hearing him hiss you leave him in agonizing pain. Running into the hallway, you look out the window checking to see if it’s safe. There were no guards. Smirking you continue looking for the exit, though this time hurriedly seeing as someone is bound to find Prussia soon. As soon as that thought finished a Blood curdling scream came from the stairway.

“Yep...Maid found him.”

Now running through the hallways as quickly and quietly as possible, having to take cover in the shadows several times when other maids and servants rushed by to find the source of the scream, after a while you finally make it to the last stairway

“This place is built like a fucking mansion…”

You mutter before practically leaping down the staircase 10 steps at a time. When you reached the bottom, you took out your knife and looked around…it was way to quiet for your liking. Prussia would have given your description and the servants should be looking for you now…Carefully you made your way to the door…Opening the door you were about to run out, but at the door with his hand out like he was going to open the door, a Man with dark blonde hair and bright green eyes with a pair of glasses on his face. He was holding a bag of groceries and had a shocked look on his face.


You slam the door and start running. Why did you have to run into Estonia? Another one of Russia’s lackeys….God your luck sucked! Suddenly you felt some on grab your wrist and pull you back. You cursed loudly and profoundly, what was it with these people? You tried yanking your hand away but Estonia had a strong grip on you.

“Let go!”

“W-Wait you’re that American Spy right?

“Gee, I don’t know. Maybe….”


Confusion was written across his face and you wanted to smack him. You opened your mouth to say another smart retort when you felt a dark presence enter the room. You froze and tried to figure out what it was. Estonia started to quiver a bit. You looked at him questionly and decided to follow his gaze. Turning around you saw a very tall Man with a black Trench coat with accented red. He had a childish smile on his face and had pale violet eyes. It took you a minute to figure out who this man was….Soviet Russia.

“Eduardo, I see you found our escapee. Good job.”

“Y-yes Mister Ivan…”

“N-No! Let go!”

“You will come quietly, da?”

You glance at Soviet Russia seeing a Dark Purple Aura around him. You squeaked and almost jumped back. How was that possible? Suddenly the light pink scarf that had been around his neck moved on its own and wrapped around your free wrist (Yes….Yes I just went there!)


“Come now”

He had that childish smile on his face again and he began walking forward Estonia shakily dragging you with them. You quietly followed them. It was no use fighting Soviet Russia by yourself…It was almost impossible to defeat him with an entire country. After walking up 3 flights of stair, seeing a large blood stain at the bottom of the last one made you smirk, you were in front of the door that was your room.

“Wait inside until Ludwig comes back.”

You didn’t move, but with his strong grip he practically threw you into the room. You ended up on the floor on your butt. You shot Soviet Russia a glare and he just smiled back.

“Don’t think of running away again.”

“Fuck you.”

Soviet Russia’s smiled twitched a bit and he slammed the door.

“Psh. Immature brat.”

You get up and brush the dust off of your dress. You go over to the window thinking of actually trying to get out that way…but you start to see some guards walk by.

“Looks like they’re back…”

You mutter tiredly. Sighing you sit on the bed and wrap your arms around your knees. Laying your head in them you close your eyes and think about why you came here.

‘I came here to kill Ludwig, the personification of Germany. Why? Because he killed my brother. How did I get into this mess? Rash decisions and poor planning. Will I learn from this? Most likely not…’

There was a knock at your door and a few seconds later it opened. You look up to see Ludwig and he didn’t look very happy…He came in and paced around. His blonde hair was strewn about as if he'd been trying to pull it out, and his uniform was sloppy. He needed to take a chill pill. Why'd he care for her so much

“Hmmm did you find your brother?”


“He still alive?”


“Damn it!”

Ludwig pinched the bridge of his nose in frustration. You were a handful. He sighed, remembering why he was here in the first place.

“Frau…Let’s get zome zinks out of zee vay….Like how you know so much about the countries…”

It was normal for people to know that there were country personifications, but knowing about them and who they are was almost unheard of. You slide your legs down so they were hanging off the bed. You sigh seeing no real reason not to tell him.

“My brother worked directly with the countries…”

“Vhy are you here?”

“You killed my brother…”

Ludwig was quiet for a moment. He really couldn’t think of any mortal he killed. She shot America and England a few times. Though he missed and they weren’t kill shots.

“I doubt sat. I’m sure I’ve never killed a [last name]-“

“He didn’t have my last name…”

You look down at the ground trying not to cry…You weren’t sure why you were spilling everything out to him…but you were…maybe it’s because it will make your resolve stronger once he hears.

“He wasn’t my biological brother…around age 10 he found me on the streets and took me in…”

Ludwig listened intrigued by this…he tried to think of all the men he killed…a few of them could have been her brother.

“And his last name?”

“Tsh. Why should I tell you anymore? You’re just going to throw it back in my face!...But if you must know…Jones.”


“My brother’s name was Alfred Jones…”


He said with an evil smirk on his face. You look up to see it and cringe back a bit. He grabbed your chin and pulled you close to his face.

“Your brother iz ztill alive…and I know him fery vell~”

EDIT: I might never finish this. I'm sorry...but I just lost the inspiration for this story. I never continued this because after writing this particular one, my life went to shit very quickly. It's better, but I want to try an avoid things connected with my life when it went to shit. I will keep it up for the viewers and if you want to write the rest of the story go ahead, just link me back ^^ terribly sorry for the inconveniences

Dear God it's finally done after like a Month! Now I should get to work on my requests xD

Also Le gasp! Alfred is your Brother Who would've guessed xD

Anyway read below~

So I was writing this and I realized...there probably isn't going to be a love relationship here xD I tried but it didn't work...So maybe after a lot of plot building maybe they fall in love...but as I see it likely good friends....maybe....

4th: ~U r here~

Story Belongs to: :iconthe-adorkable-nerd:
Hetalia: Belong to that guy who's name I can't spell
and the Picture....belongs to whoever drew it x3
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