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July 13, 2013
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Cover Blown Pt. 2

Germany walked down the hallway and stopped in front of a small oak door guarded by two Guards. Seeing Germany they saluted and moved out of the way.

“It’s Fine, go back to your poshts, I can deal viz a Voman juhst fine,” He Smirked and opened the door.

He closed the door and looked around, He couldn’t see you anywhere. Suddenly something was wrapped around his neck tightly and pulled him back choking him. You had ripped one of the maid outfits and made a sturdy piece of cloth and moved the night stand by the door. Standing on it you had waited so you could kill Him.

"Jetzt stirbst schmutzig German!" Now you die Filthy German! You said with Hatred in your voice.

He underestimated you because you were a woman, his mistake. You pulled on the cloth tighter as Ludwig tried to fight back. His face was growing red from lack of air and you smirked. Suddenly when you thought you had won the German grabbed the clot and with tremendous strength pulled it forward along with you. You let go and turn to run out the door, but Ludwig grabbed your wrist and pushed you to the wall. You stare at him as he coughed and breathed heavily holding a hand at the base of his neck.

“You… will regret… that Bitch,” He looked into your /color/ eyes with mixed emotions.

He was surprised that she attacked him, impressed with how she did it, angry that she tried to kill him again, and a dozen other emotions all surround her. It struck him that he did not have her name. He gripped her wrist tighter and she winced.

“Tell me your name.”

It was a command not a question, but you stayed silent hatred fuming from you. Ludwig’s breathing had returned back to normal, though he had a bright red mark along his neck. With his other hand he grabbed her chin and leaned in closer.


You continued to stare at him with hatred, you moved you head down suddenly, and bite Ludwig’s hand; hard enough to break skin as the taste of metal entered your mouth. Germany let out a cry of pain and wrenched his hand free. With his uninjured hand he slapped you. It was hard enough to leave a bruise, but he wasn’t done punishing you. He grabbed your hair and yanked up, making you stand on your tip toes. You wince and bite your inner cheek to keep from crying out.

“Now, Tell me your name, or zings vill get vorsht.” He whispered dangerously in your ear.

You shiver as instead of his obnoxious and confident tone it’s a serious and scary tone. You nod and Ludwig lets go of your hair and grabs your wrist. Pulling you to the bed he tosses you on it and he stands there with his arms crossed.


“*Name*,” You say quietly.

It was such a pretty name, even if it was American. He continued asking you questions, such as; last name, age, who she was with, how she found him, how she learned German, and such. Then he finally got to the question he wanted to ask from the start.

“Vyy do you hate me? Mosht people dislike me and hate me, now, but yours…yours is rather shtrong, eshpecially for a Voman.”

You snap your head up to glare at Germany. You wanted to tell him to fuck off, but you feared that scary side of him.

“My Brother.”


“My Brother. He was visiting before the war, meeting his Fiancé’s parents. Then the war started. I got word that the Nazi’s killed him. He was my only Family!”

You blink rapidly trying to keep tears from falling. She wasn’t going to cry in front of this Monster. You look at the floor as a warm tear gently rolls across your bruised cheek... Ludwig lifted your head gently and you tried to look away, but he held a firm grip. For a second you thought you saw Sadness, regret, and something else in Germany’s eyes, but it was replaced by cold hardness
“Vell…American scum should have shtayed avay from Germany.”

He leaned in close, so close their lips almost touched. The whole time his pale blue eyes stared into your /color/ eyes. All you saw was Coldness, and evil. Suddenly as if in a daze, He back away from you.

“Vell *name*, hope you like zis place because you are going to shtay here for a fery long time. I’ll send in a serfent wiz Ice for your cheek.”

He opened the door and started walking out. He stopped and looked back at you. He had a slight blush on his face and his eyes moved to the floor.

“And sorry for slappink you.”

Before you could say anything he was out the door and slammed it shut. You held your bruised cheek. You were confused. Ludwig had gone through about a dozen personalities talking to her. Scary, Mean, Nice, Cold, shy, God and more. Though it didn’t matter how scary he could be you were going to kill him anyway. After a bit, A young boy with Golden blonde hair and Bright Blue eyes entered with a small bag of Ice. She knew he wasn’t German, though he looked familiar.

“Are you Latvia?”

The boy blinked in surprise and smiled.

“Yes I am. You know me?”

“Yes, you’re weak and you’re helping Germany with the war.”

You huff and turn the other way. He gave a nervous laugh and set the bag of ice on the bed. He turned to leave.

“Well Goodbye.”


He left and you picked up the ice pack. Gingerly placing it on your Cheek you wonder why Latvia would help that wretched Monster Germany. You look out the window to see the Sun setting. You yawned and placed the ice pack down and lay down. You thought of everything that happened that day and sighed yet again. You close your eyes and drift into peaceful sleep.
Lol pt. 2 on the same day *sigh*

And BEFORE you start bitching to me about how Latvia is with Russia, I researched it Up. Latvia helped Germany by Deporting Jews to Germany to go in concentration camps.

I research my shit :iconproudplz:

Sorry If Germany's speach is hard to read, again I researched :iconproudplz: up on how to type a German accent.

Previous: [link]
Part 3: [link]
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Actually, my first name is Irish and my last name is Scottish.
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Nice to meet you Irish Scottish x3
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MsLyoness Featured By Owner Jul 20, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist

I see numerous problems with this, I'm sorry to say. You've capitalized words that don't need to be capitalized, you switch between "you" and "she" for the reader character, and your writing is rather choppy. Also, "speech" is not spelled "speach."


However, the German accent is very good, you've done that quite well.

The-Adorkable-Nerd Featured By Owner Jul 20, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
Oh noes Sorry I have a Capital Letter Thing, My parents and Teachers get annoyed's Just how I am and when I say she it's usually a quick transfer to Ludwig's Pov that doesn't need to be mentioned but I guess I can Sometimes I Write she in the wrong place and srry about the speech thing...also how is My Writing Choppy?
MsLyoness Featured By Owner Jul 21, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist

Well, for example, the first two sentences: "Germany walked down the hallway and stopped in front of a small oak door guarded by two Guards. Seeing Germany they saluted and moved out of the way." It just sounds kind of... flat. A better way to write it might be "Germany marched down the hallway, and halted in front of a small door guarded by two guards. Seeing him, they saluted and moved out of the way." Commas give some much-needed pauses in a sentence.


If your teachers are telling you that you're doing something wrong with capitalization, you would be wise to listen to them. Many people view other people who can't write correctly as lacking in education, and to be perfectly frank, not so bright. I'm not trying to be mean to you, I'm just telling you how educated people work.


Yes, definitely mention when you're switching to Ludwig's POV in the narration. The readers won't know that unless you tell them.

EverLupin Featured By Owner May 19, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
This is way to late to reply, but telling Author-chan how "educated people work" is like telling her she's freakin' stupid. Educated people all have their different quirks, and your quirk seems to be assholism. Yes she can work on grammar, but unless she's going professional with this, it doesn't matter. Its a fanfiction, not an actual story she plans to publish.

And Author-chan, just keep doing what you're doing, I love your fanfics. 
The-Adorkable-Nerd Featured By Owner Jul 21, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
I can't Help my Capitalization thingy...It's Sorta Like an OCD...The Docs said so...
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