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July 15, 2013
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Cover Blown Pt. 3

You wake up at 6:00 A.M., and the sun is just rising. For a second you thought maybe you were at home and everything had been a dream. But looking around you realize that is not the case. Getting up you stretch and got through the Routine the Army made you do every morning. Sit ups, Pushups, Jogging, Weights, (you used some bedside lamp stands that were in the closet.)) And more pushups. You heard the door open just as you finish your 3rd set of ten pushups. Standing up you see Latvia holding a silver tray with a bowl on it. He gave you a questioning look and you brushed him off walking over to see what he had.

“I was just wondering. Why would a pretty girl like you be up at this time? And, uhhh, doing such an intense workout?”
He laughed nervously and set the tray on the bed side stand.

“I was in the Army, I had to do the everyday, and I’m not going to stop now that I’m here.”

You look at the tray; it was a bowl of oatmeal with brown sugar sprinkled on top. You look a Latvia questioningly and he shrugged. Sugar was supposed to be expensive and scarce. What the Hell was Ludwig doing giving you some? It aggravated you; you wished he had just killed you when He thought you were a boy. Latvia left and you ate some of the oatmeal. You started thinking of another strategy to either kill him or escape. You found the cloth you tried to kill Ludwig with and picked it up.


You get up and open the window. You were on the 3rd floor and the window ledge had large pegs. Closing the window, you throw the cloth in the closet and closet the door. You’d start tonight, you didn’t want to chance Ludwig coming in and seeing your escape plan. Walking back to the bed you finish the oatmeal. You waited about three long boring hours before Germany walked through the door. You were lying on the bed sideways with your head over the ledge and hanging upside down. You had been playing with you /color/ hair. Looking up she saw Germany and scowled. Sitting up and turning around to face him. Germany seeing you playing with you hair had shown his disapproval with a frown, though there was a light blush. *Name* had looked so innocent playing wither hair… though If she was his enemy she should be taking him more seriously.


“What do you want now? Have you decided to kill me or are you pussy foot around because I’m a Woman?”

You ask with sarcasm think in your voice. Hearing this Germany’s frown deepened, which caused a smirk on your face. You hummed the American national anthem in triumph, knowing it would upset him. Ludwig’s eyebrow twitched in annoyment. This woman was very annoying. How could someone so beautiful and be so annoying…She was incredibly beautiful. She also had the most amazing smile…Ludwig shook his head to clear his thoughts. Crossing his arms he looked you straight in the eyes.

“You are a nuisance and an eyesore in your current shtate. You vill go through reconditionink and learn how to be a proper German!”

Your smirk faded. What was he saying? You were going to live, but you were going to live as a German? Hell no never in a million years.

“Hell N-!”

“Yes you vill! Now deal with it!”

You stand up and glare at him. He was about 7 inches taller than you, but his height wasn’t that intimidating.


“You vill.”

“And if I don’t?”

You and Ludwig glared and each other. Your question hanging in the tense air. He smirked and threw you a bag he had been hiding behind his back.

“You vill wear these clothes, in two hours. I vill come back to get you. Be ready.”

Before you could cuss him out he left and slammed the door. You check the bag and find some nice looking German clothing inside them.

“What the Hell is he doing?”

Well you weren’t going to become German that’s for sure. Changing into one of the outfits he bought you, you got to work on your escape.

********Time skip brought to you by the Awesome Prussia!********

Ludwig opened the door to your room not sure what to expect. Though he was surprised to find it empty and the window open. He rushed over to it and saw a cloth rope made from the maids’ outfits.

“Verdammt! Latfia, tell the guards *Name escaped. I vant her back alife!”

Germany had yelled loud enough that Latvia, who was on the second floor, could hear. He went and told all the guards and they were outside looking. Germany fuming with anger returned to his office to try to think things out. About ten minutes later the closet door opens and you step out smirking.

“Ha. Like a true rookie.”

You were wearing a black dress with a wide flowing skirt that had white frills and bows. You had found it absolutely ridiculous, but it was the thing you could move around the easiest in. Tying your hair into a loose bun with an extra piece of black cloth, so it wouldn’t get in your face, you quietly open the door and leave. It was easier this way. They were searching the west side of Berlin while you were going to go east. You’d have to change your appearance and try again. Walking along the large corridor you look for anything you could use as a weapon. Finding set of antique daggers on the wall you took 3. Placing the smallest one in your boot, the largest one in your guarder, and the middle sized one attached to your other garter. Continuing walking you were about to round a corner when you heard voices.

“Don’t worry Latvia. She’s left by now,” It was Latvia and another country you recognized as Lithuania.

“But, what if she hasn’t? Then we have to tell Germany-“

“I told you, she must have left the house by now.”

They walked by and you hide in the shadows. Once their voices faded, you step out of the shadows. So Latvia had known your true plan along, yet he didn’t tell Ludwig…you had misjudged him. Whispering an apology, you continue try to find the stair case. You walk through several hallways you come to a long and slightly curved grand stair case leading to the second floor. There were many steps and walking down all of them would take too much time. You sit on the smooth wood railing and balance yourself to where your back if facing the stairs. Pushing off with your legs and speed down the railing. Your loose bun became undone and your hair blew around rapidly. You were just about to turn around to you could land when you back hit broad chest and strong arms wrapped around you. Before you could squeak in surprise one of the hands covered your mouth. Then you heard someone with a German accent whisper in your ear.

“So zis is the little Biene, Ludwig was talking about~”

Annnnnnnnnd Cliff Hanger~ because I’m Evil! Muhahahahaha!

Note** Biene mean Bird Pronounced B-N-ey
Yaaaaaaaaaaay! :dummy: It's a Cliff Hanger Muhahahahaha! And can anyone guess who the Mystery German **coughcough** is?

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I still would love your suggestions ^^
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